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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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there is more there. greta good night from washington. 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. see you at 8:00 o'clock. >> hello, everybody. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five". one presidential debate down, two more to go issues plus a vp debate. almost 60 million people watched mitt romney crush president obama last night. twitter blew up, biggest political night ever. so what did you guys think? let's start it out. polling, you were excited last night? >> it was great. twitter was going crazy. honestly, mitt romney made president obama look silly and small. he was great. mitt romney was. president obama was bumbling. he looked like he didn't want to be there. we heard all those analogies
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today. but i found it interesting that michael moore blamed john kerry, the debate prep guy. david axelrod blamed jim lehrer. al gore blamed the altitude. but nobody -- nobody blamed the president for being unprepared and outclassed by mitt romney last night. >> dana, take us deep into the psychology. what was going on? he looked like a man defeated. >> he sort of faded into the background initially. then i thought maybe it will get better. at the one hour mark, i thought wow, this is over. i thought romney was very bold. but he was also something different that he was fresh. and there is a huge gulf between the man that had been painted in the media and by the obama campaign for the last seven or eight months. and then the person they saw last night. that's why i think it was so effective for mitt romney because people were so surprised. wait, like who is this guy? this is not the guy we thought he was. and so he had a great debate.
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incumbents presidents usually don't do well on the first debate in their election year. so obama will have a couple more chances. no doubt, there is only one person in america who thinks he won the debate. and he happens to be with us here today. >> did you take your medication or are you -- >> i'm so delighted to be the skunk at our garden party this afternoon. [ laughter ] i must tell you. first of all, i think twitter and the whole blogosphere thing made that the first presidential debate scored minute by minute and it drove the consensus that obama was crushed. obama was devastated. you know what? this is such -- >> it wasn't -- >> you could see it in the spin room in denver. >> stop it. within seconds after the debate, it was around the networks. >> you know what? they were crying. >> let me tell you something. >> they were having melt downs. >> let me tell you two quick things.
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one is everybody in there was twittering and -- >> now you're hanging out with bob twittering. >> no, no. tweet, whatever. the second thing to say is it wasn't so much the right, and there were people on the romney side trying to push it. it was the left. it was the left that went crazy on obama! they wanted a grudge match, a cage match. they wanted -- >> that's why even the obama campaign thinks they lost. >> yeah, that's the problem. >> when they come out tend with the spinners, it was all romney people. >> who knew that preparation with joy bearrest would have been a bad idea? spending all that time on the couch. obama had such a rough night that sandra fluke called him to see if he was doing okay. i thought that was pretty touching. i actually felt -- it's the worst possible feeling that you could have is to feel sorry for somebody and i felt like i was watching the washington generals playing the harlem globetrotters. that's a basketball reference. i wanted to make sure you knew
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that. but i bet at this point, romney's garbage man is voting for him. obama to me, he remained me of homer simpson rolling down the mountain and continually, no matter what he does, keeps hitting his head over and over and over again. every rock, it was -- he wanted to go. it was kind of sad. >> you know what it seemed like? mitt romney just -- didn't attack, but he was firm with him. no, mr. president, you're wrong. i didn't say that. those aren't the numbers. i don't think president obama has been spoken to like that in four years. >> no, he hasn't. >> flunkies say yes, sir, mr. president, you're right, mr. president. >> let me ask you a question, he says, romney says last night, this is why i think how can you give it a win to romney? he says, oh, my gosh, how can you say that i've been running on a plan to cut $5 trillion and give these tax cuts to the rich? wait a minute. that's exactly what you've been doing. how can you say that? he says, oh, i'm going to repeal dodd frank. oh, yeah, medicare will be a voucher. these are not good things for mitt romney.
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>> yeah. juan, you want to throw to your favorite piece for the night? >> sure. here is president obama responding to one of these -- i don't know what you call it, distortion, dreamland that romney presented and i think as time goes on, people will say, these policies are not good policies. not the guy i want to vote for. >> well, for 18 months he's been running on this tax plan and now five weeks before the election, he's saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> never mind. never mind my promise that i'm going to cut taxes and i'm going to also balance the deficit, but i'm not going to tell you about the loopholes i'm going to close or the deductions. so just trust me. you know, come on. >> that would be -- if that was an effective message, then president obama would have done a lot better last night. that is the line that the obama team has been trotting out for several months and then it didn't match up with reality and if you do just a little digging, you find out that wasn't true. i think the romney team immediately, because they've
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been calling him a liar so much, then america sees him, he doesn't seem like he's lying to me. and to obama's credit, he did not do what his campaign has done, he did not personally attack which shows a disconnect between obama and his team. >> you think he looked presidential? >> yes. >> romney? >> no. >> romney looked way more presidential. >> obama looked like he wanted to have a serious debate. he wasn't interrupting jim lehrer. >> my favorite actually, too. but i took a second look. >> we had the same one. this is what i liked because i like people that are very organized and know what they're talk being and make -- romney loves a list and he had five things. he had it in memory. >> my plan has five basic parts. one, get us ingee independent, north america energy independent. that creates 4 million jobs. two, open up more trade, particularly in latin america. crack down on china if and when they cheat. number three, make sure our people have the skills they need
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to succeed. and the best schools in the world. we're far away from that now. number 4, get to us a balanced budget. number 5, champion small business. it's small business that creates the jobs in america. and over the last four years, small business people have decided that america may not be the place to open a new business. >> people hear that, there is no stuttering, there is no i'm not really sure what i'm talking about here. these are the five things he believes it. there was a lot of conviction that he conveyed last night. >> and i wanted to write all those lists down and a bunch of post its and stick them all over bob beckel's body. he was asking for specifics. you have to pass it on. >> let me say -- >> those are specifics. what exactly makes you think he can deliver on any of that? >> because he's actually someone with a proven record, managing businesses, making money, responsible, being able to cut unnecessary expenditures. >> did you hear when he said we should repeal dodd frank. oh,.
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>> rick: did she. >> what did he say? >> he weapon inspector after wall street more than anybody thought he would. he said we should maybe consider breaking up the big banks. nobody thought that romney would say that. >> i thought he should say here is what i would replace dodd frank w. he didn't. what would you replace obamacare with? no, juan, wall street needs more regulation. but five banks, too big to fail means no dodd frank. >> he knows what to do. he has the experience. gregg, last night what did you think was the most moving thing for you? >> obviously when mentioned his wedding anniversary. the worst wedding gift ever. i have two. the first one, when romney is talking being a businessman. >> i've been in business for 25 years. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> that was perfect. you know what it did? it crystallizes the distinction between real world experience and grad student fantasies.
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that was the ceo versus the grad student. it was hilarious. >> before you move on, can i make a point? i listened to that. it was perfect point and i was waiting for president obama to come back and say, here is what i'm talking about. >> me, too. >> and he didn't. >> i don't understand! you know what. >> game over. >> you're right. you know what? jim lehrer said let's move on and president obama didn't jump in. >> uh-huh. >> i'm saying obama should have jumped in because the facts were with obama. in fact, you do get -- >> laying it on the -- >> i'm just saying the facts are with obama. not with romney. >> i don't think that -- juan, i don't think that president obama thinks so and if -- you can't know the policies and the facts better than obama does if he's going to perform well in these debates. >> he let romney's point sit on the table. >> 'cause somebody acted like they really wanted the job and wanted to earn the job and votes and somebody else nailed it in and looked down. >> i have one more. here you go.
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>> in my opinion, the government is not effective in bringing down the cost of almost anything. >> so funny. >> those were his poll numbers. >> that was a good one. i liked that. so now i had one as well. which i thought was kind of cute when he was talking about his boys and having the five sons and i thought this was kind of a cute moment and he brought in his family, which i thought worked very well for him. >> look, i got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true, but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping i'll believe it. but that is not the case. all right? i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> eric, that i thought was a really telling moment. he had a nice way to kind of artfully put it together and get the point. >> any parent out there knows what he was talk being. he probably gained a lot of that undecided parental vote that goes yeah, i know. i got the same thing. he really showed himself on a
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lot of levels. he showed himself on policy, he showed himself on likeability. his likeability -- everyone saying about the likeability gap between obama and romney, i will bet whether the poll numbers move, the likeability numbers will move. >> can i irritate you very quickly? >> sure. >> what about what he said? he said he wants to lower tax rates? how is that not lowering tabs for the rich. >> then you can't also then say he's going to on the loophole piece, you can't say he's not going to do the loopholes. i know you want to know the details. >> but i'm just saying, it might be cute about the son, burr the substance just isn't there. >> you're not willing to give him any credit. >> oh, yeah. >> the guy came very well prepared. he had specifics. >> he did? >> he looked obama in the eye. he was someone who was presidential and came ready to play. >> i'll tell you something, i am the only person as my pal dana has said, who thinks obama did well.
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so i know -- >> obama needs to step up his game. don't apologize for him. he's the president of the united states. he deserves to do better than that. >> i don't really believe he -- you really believe obama did well is this. >> yeah, i do. >> let's move on. >> moving on. you probably wondering what's eric bolling's favorite moment was? that is coming up in the next block. we'll have more moments from the debate. and later, reaction from president obama himself, plus you're not going to believe what the president wanted to do with osama bin laden if he was captured alive. we're going to tell you. that's next. stay with us.
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♪ . >> back now with more of our favorite moments from last night's debate. we've got to everybody's except eric. should we look at yours first. >> you picked great shots, i wanted to go deeper. i heard something at the very end of the debate when they were making their final closing remarks. listen to president obama. he stumbles, but this really is a peek inside this man's head. take a listen. >> all those things are designed to make sure that the american people, their genius, their grit, their determination is channeled and they have an opportunity to succeed and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is getting a fair share. everybody is doing -- >> fair share.
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>> everyone playing by the same rules. he's supposed to say fair shot. this class warfare socialist redistribution is in this guy's minds and when he's off prompter, this is what happens. >> do you think that he -- when you listen to that, do you think he suffers all in these debates -- we've heard the same lines over and over again since 2008, kim betterly, in some ways you're looking for, i am so bored. i heard this before. he seemed bored with himself. >> they created this, like, robotic presidency where the guy's got to be on teleprompter all the time. he is a great orator. when he's on teleprompter, he's fantastic. then he's at a disadvantage when he's on stage with a good man like this who has the facts and doesn't know what to do. and all those programmed messages talking points pop right out of his mouth like you drop in a quarter. fair share. >> let me follow up. yes, he had the specifics. mitt romney had specifics. he laid it out, five-points plan. you wanted specifics. you wanted more specifics.
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barak obama in 2008 won an election, presidential election on two words. hope and change. where are the specifics in hope and change? >> i can tell you. >> go ahead. >> let's stop these wars. you know what? let's stop these wars. let's be honest about our accounting and let's get this deficit under control. >> he's not done any of that. >> you asked me about specifics. >> he didn't have specifics. let's try a little hope and change. >> economic crisis. >> we got worse. >> no, we didn't. we're better off. we were in the midst of economic crisis and that was the hope and change. i was listening to this you and say fair share? now all of a sudden he's a socialist. any american who believes that everybody in the middle class that our children should have a chance to get an education -- >> everyone has their fair. so i will not give you fair share. >> how about equality of
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opportunity? not of results? >> that's fair share. >> i don't want my fair share. i want to earn my share. >> obama likes more than a fair share? a fair way. i have two points to make. i believe that president obama threw this debate on purpose to get everybody to stop talking about the 2007 speech. genius. it's no longhorn -- no one is talking about it. the thing -- >> somebody blamed it on that, by the way. >> the thing we haven't talked about, which is the most disturbing thing is the lack of eye contact when mitt would talk to obama, he looked him in the i'm not he looked him straight in the eye. but obama just -- he would go a few seconds and he would always look down and he would look down. it was almost demur and shy. it was weird. >> i'm not defending president obama on this. >> how dare you. >> it was the first thing everybody noticed, like why is the eye contact so weird? do you think president obama was
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trying to be deferencial and polite? >> i think he was uncomfortable and he wasn't used to an alpha male saying that stuff to him and he just -- he was like a wallflower at a high school mixer. >> they created this. >> it's not polite to look down when someone is talking to you. it's polite to look them in the eye. >> i think the body language was from a guy who was too cool last night. i think that's why the left is so upset. i think the left wanted the president to bring up 47%. bring up bain. talk about -- >> then he could bring his video. >> i don't think that would have been presidential. >> i think there is a danger in the obama team listening too much to the far left. >> i agree. >> because if in the next debate, which the next one is next thursday, it's going to be the vice presidential debate. but after that, few days later, when these two meet again, i think if president obama were to do what the left was wanting and be angry and mean, just like some on the right wanted romney to be angry and mean, i just think they need to be themselves. but president obama, i don't know whether he needs like a
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five-hour energy shot or something before hand. >> that's advisable. >> remember, the debate is below his pay grade. for the presidency too small a job for him. he wants to be -- he's a citizen of the world. >> let me ask you guys a question, do you believe that what happened last night, i'm going to say i'm wrong, you're right, so do you believe that was a game changer and now the election is all different? i don't think anybody changed their vote -- >> oh, i do. >> he got smoked, juan. here is the thing. opposition research, you have all this stuff in your back pocket ready to release. mitt romney he had the tape, they had the 47% tape. they reloosed it at the specific time. you know chicago, the campaign sitting this with all this research. when are we going to send some stuff out. there is going to be some chicago style thug politics coming. >> are you nervous? >> i think by monday morning, we're going to see some attacks on mormonism.
11:22 pm
>> oh, my gosh, you think they're going to get dirty? >> somebody is going to. >> then the next debate it will be like, what a comeback, the comeback kid. they're already writing their lame headlines for the next -- >> you didn't answer my question. do you believe this was a game changer? >> yes. because if it had gone the other way, the conversation today would be different. we'd be talking about how does mitt romney move on and pick up the pieces of his campaign and try to limp along. >> you think five to ten points for romney? >> not necessarily. buff it kept him in the game. and on the money side. >> wait and see. >> you know how you know it was a game changer? 'cause president obama kept looking at his hands. he was looking for his butt. >> what? >> i don't even know ha that means. let's move on. [ laughter ] >> what? >> juan gets it. >> coming up, al gore has an interesting explanation for the president's performance. >> what is wrong with you? >> when we come back in a
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>> yesterday i said the debate would be a job interview and i was right. one candidate showed up in a suit, the other in san dahls. it could have been called nightmares of my father. but nothing is more fun than watching the sad excuses libs are piling up in order to explain captain perfect's collapse. some blame the moderator. he just said less. others say oh, he's trying to remain presidential. al gore, well, let's let him explain it. >> obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today. just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> what is wrong with him? >> somebody send al gore's resume to the weather channel,
11:28 pm
stat. >> really? can i finish my monologue? that guy lost more marbles than a kid in 1933. watching msnbc discuss the debate was like watching the titanic discuss the iceberg, sadly disturbing. the debate is what we get when we see both sides without the filter of the main stream media. obama has been in a protective bubble since day one, which hurt both the country and himself. once outside the bubble with no immune system, he got clobbered. he forgot how to try, how to think. he also seemed to forget where he was. he brought nothing to an everything fight n. this victory of substance over style, the veil is pierced. the people got a picture of the president without a veil. next time they should send an empty chair. >> how did that work for clip? >> he was right! >> you were the media advisor on that one, huh? >> i could talk about foreshadowing. >> people are talking about it
11:29 pm
on twitter last night. there you go. >> it would have been better off if he didn't open his mouth, if there was an open chair. >> you said bringing nothing toen a everything fight is spot on. as i said before, he hasn't been spoken to like that in years. he wasn't prepared. he was prepared for nothing fight. >> yeah. that's right. he was prepared for a nothing fight. >> the press that coddled him for four years didn't do him any favors. but every incumbent president doesn't do is do a great job necessarily in the first debate because it's like, excuse me? what did you just -- i don't have to answer that. but what mitt romney did last night, i never went to a bain capital business pitch, but i imagine that when he was pitching for a client and he really wanted that business, that was the kind of presentation that he did. so to me, it was a job interview, mitt romney was saying to america, i want your business. >> this debate already created one new ad, a new rnc ad, they're calling it a smirk ad.
11:30 pm
roll it and then i'll get juan and kimberly to discuss. >> under the president's policies, middle income americans have been buried. they've been crushed. middle income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300. the same time, gasoline prices doubled under the president, electric rates are up, food prices are up, health care costs have gone up by $2,500 a family, and what we're seeing right now is in my view, a trickle down government approach, which has government thinking it can do a better job than free people pursuing their dreams, and it's not work. and the proof of that is 23 million people out of work. the proof of that is woven six people in poverty. the proof of that is we've gone from 32 million in food stamps to 47 million on food stamps. >> juan, you got to admit, that's a powerful ad, just showing a silent obama. it's pretty powerful. >> did he let him speak? >> you see his face. i felt bad for him.
11:31 pm
>> dana liked that one. >> she did. but i got to say, the thing that really strikes me about this is obama doesn't fire back. and he had lots to fire back with. >> good point. >> i think he's depressed. serious. >> i think he was nervous. >> you dewpoint want to come off looking prickly. >> nonpresidential. >> he has a tendency to do. >> or to be thin skinned, which he has a tendency to do. >> he didn't know how to behave or what to do because the guy has not been able to have a real challenger against him. the main stream media created a paper mache candidate. >> okay, okay. we got that point. now you said substance over style, gregory. >> yes. >> mr. political strait -- i must say, what you saw in the ad was style over substance because it's not the substance. it's the fact that obama smirking that's the point of the whole ad. >> i have to say, romney needs a little bit of that, right? don't you think? romney needs a little bit of
11:32 pm
cleverness and snark and style that obama had. >> those were simultaneous camera shots right there. obama was looking down during the substance that mitt romney was saying -- >> it's not effective. it would have been better if it's like you and beckel. you've been in a cage match -- >> what was he writing? >> maybe he was writing notes to himself. >> for what? >> he was writing i heart michelle. for his anniversary. >> then next to it, i heart teleprompter. i heart it. >> i heart jasper. >> i would write that. >> i must say, i'm surprised that you guys don't pick up that the left has absolutely abandoned obama today. >> they're fair weathered friends. i thought you guys -- i know there is celebration among republicans today. but the real story, to my mind,
11:33 pm
is how the left jumped ship on obama in the middle of that debate last night because they wanted him to play dirty and he didn't do it. >> the only way you can make a comeback with this crowd if all of a sudden you go on a pilgrimage and you become a pitch person and then you have a reality show. marry a kardashian. >> you're not going to play dirty on the left, we don't want any part of you? that's what you just said. >> that's what i said. check out bill maher. check out michael moore. check out andrew sullivan. they wanted a mud fight, my friends. >> yes, exactly. then if he has a better debate, they'll be like, oh, my gosh. we knew this was the real obama. >> like the parents watching the little league game. they're trying to get him back in line. >> that was my line from last night. there should have been a mercy rule. >> exactly. >> you tweet that had. >> i did. >> i like that. >> i did not steal that from you. >> stealing. >> coming up, what does president obama have to say after the debate last night?
11:34 pm
you'll hear from him next. first, here is joe biden's analysis. >> i think the president did a wonderful job, a wonderful job, a wonderful job. >> he really is an american treasure, leave now and you'll miss dana performing a version of "smoke on the water." excited
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"the five".
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>> last night it was tk obama at the first debate in denver. how did he react today? >> so you see the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney's decisions and what he's been saying for the last year. that's because he knows full well that we don't want what he's been selling for the last year. governor romney may dance around his positions, but if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth. >> so kimberly, a little different today than last night, huh? >> well, let me tell you, maybe he did some pushups or something because he seemed more fired up. but also at the beginning of that was bizarre, he wouldn't look at mitt romney last night.
11:40 pm
then they beginning, he wouldn't say his name. the guy on the stage doesn't want to be held accountable. who are you talk being? yourself. you want to tell the truth to the american people? he's the one who has been hiding everything since he's so transparent, not. >> president obama did what all of us do when you're in -- >> have a teleprompter. >> when you're in a meeting and you didn't have the -- you weren't at the top of your game and you spent all the way home in your car coming up with all the things you you wanted to sa. that's what he did. he was doing what he was supposed to do yesterday. he did in front of a friendly crowd. >> you sent us all the e-mails. >> you know what he does. >> it's the pushups. >> right. >> it's the pushups. >> i used to do that after a briefing some nights. >> oh, sure. >> oh, i should have said this. >> let me just say, you don't think that romney distorted or misled anybody about anything last night?
11:41 pm
>> i find it hard to believe that either of them stood up there and lied to the american people. but that is what obama's thing is. i think what they're trying to to do is provoke mitt romney into getting under his skin and in his head this he's a liar. >> i never had a 15 trillion dollars whatever tax cut plan, who said that. >> can we listen to rush limbaugh assessing last night's debate? >> yes. >> the liberal world view was brought up last night. and they still have no idea why. they think it's jim lehrer. they think it's the altitude. they think obama didn't study. they think obama didn't care enough. they think obama whatever. as long as romney shows up as he shows up last night, they don't have a chance. >> what do you think, juan? >> you know what? obama definitely has to be more energetic. he's got to take -- present fire and fight and bring the argument to mr. romney. >> he needs to be the old obama
11:42 pm
from that 2007 speech. >> yeah. >> put some lies out there. >> bill maher and chris rock said they want the old obama back. >> you said that earlier, i believe. the georgetown university professor, michael eric bison said that was the whole problem, that barak obama didn't want to come off as angry. and those videos and he blamed it on fox news and sean hannity for airing it, ruined the mojo for the president. >> we might have found out why president obama was having such a hard time last night. can you roll the video of the last one we have lined up? >> keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. [ laughter ] they're making me do my home homework. >> waaa. making me do my homework. i don't know. look, if you could go through the list of all the interviews he's done in the past 20 days and don't forget, my favorite, pimp with a limp, i mean, this is not necessarily the debate
11:43 pm
prep. i don't know what they were doing the whole time in vegas. i know they took a trip to the hoover dam. amazing bit of engineering. but they should have spent more time not -- >> dana, do you think -- >> maybe that's why obama went. >> do you think that -- he obviously seemed like he kind of wasn't prepared. but a lot of people said he had contempt for mitt romney. >> oh, please. >> hold on. >> juan, remember that, a few weeks ago when his spokes people, i think you were on the show, somebody on background said that obama has contempt for mitt romney? >> yes, thank you, dana. >> and i actually don't think that's necessarily true. >> i think what you said earlier, maybe, and axelrod said this to me last night, you know what? we didn't want to get in the mud with him. you know what -- >> oh, please. he had people said romney was a murderer. he didn't want to get in the mud? >> you know people around the table, keep in mind, just in the 04 cycle, remember, bush didn't
11:44 pm
win the first debate against kerry. bush won the election. >> that's why we're going to pay attention. >> i had one and i forgot what it was. >> i'll leave with this, don't forget, expect in the next couple of days, chicago politics coming out, the release of something from the opposition research from chicago, from the campaign, expect something negative, pretty negative about mitt romney. probably -- >> he gave too much money to charity. >> coming up, what president obama wanted to do to bin laden if he had been captured alive and some of you might not be happy about it, next on "the five" [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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>> yet another book about to come out soon on the raid that took out osama bin laden. this one claims president obama wanted to put the terrorist leader on trial if he had been captured alive. the president told the finished author, quote, my belief was if we had captured him, that i would be in a pretty strong position politically here to argue that displaying due process and rule of law would be our best weapon against al-qaeda. kimberly, the lawyer in the house, what do you say? >> that is such an inappropriate use of the law and hiding behind it. that's cowering in a little shadow and being laughed at because you don't sit there and combat terrorism. why don't you come to new york city, we'll get you some big apple souvenirs and it will be fantastic and he delivers him
11:49 pm
like a little baby to eric holder who doesn't know what to do with any terrorist except to -- >> okay, okay, get off the stump. >> you asked me. >> no, that's not the way you deal with it. >> due process is one of our jewels. it really does say no matter how terrible you are, we're not going to treat you like an -- we don't go -- >> it should be applied appropriately to american citizens accused of crimes here, felonies that deserve the right to a speedy trial and deserve to be tried here. not for terrorists. >> if you commit a crime in new york city, you go to an american court. >> terrorists you can be arguing they're not citizens of any country. therefore, they do not deserve due process of any way, shape, or form. foreign due process or american citizen due process. >> also this is irrelevant in that his decision was to kill him with a drone along with all the other terrorists. >> no, no, bin laden. >> no, they decided to kill him and on the drone attack thing,
11:50 pm
they're not bringing them here. they're not capturing them. >> they're not trying to find out the information that will lead to you things like protecting your ambassador in libya, for example. >> low blow. but anyway, if he had been captured alive, what would you have done? >> i would have stuck him in gitmo. >> you would have? >> that's where they belong, juan, not mirror on a guided tour of the united states. it's an inappropriate way to handle this kind of thing. an act of terror against the united states, you don't bring them here and coddle them in federal court. that's not the way it goes. >> we coddle criminals now? i don't think so. >> i just want to return to dana's made a really good point once. that it is -- no it is ironic that like the most peace loving liberal, liberals and progressives are always talk being how they're antiwar, but they can't put people on trial -- instead of putting people on trial, they kill them
11:51 pm
because it's not politically viable for them -- >> politically convenience. >> they just drone them. >> the best is the nobel peace prize winner has a kill list. >> yeah. >> which by the way, i'm not against. >> i'm glad you said that, i was like, i thought you guys were for this. >> this might not be totally irrelevant because of something that was uncovered the other day, which is it looks like there is a plan for the administration to sell thompson prison to the state of illinois or -- >> illinois sell it to the u.s. government. >> there has been an open question of whether or not their plan all along in a second term would bring these terrorists to thompson in illinois, which was something president bush said he would not do. >> and congress passed a bipartisan bill saying you are not allowed any funds. u.s. funds to help get this thompson prison. >> all right. so let me just say, mitt romney is going off the virginia military to give a foreign policy speech. my favorite strategist,
11:52 pm
dr. gutfeld what, should mitt romney say? >> people are going to be tired of me saying this, but he's got to say why did president obama assume the video was a fall for the attack? who was the source? that's the only question, it's the most important question! >> this is cable tv universe. that's the debate. that's the big foreign policy question? >> how were they convinced by the mob. >> i think mitt romney will talk about the constitution and founding principles. >> i like that answer, that was a good answer. >> american exceptionalism is what he will talk about. >> she stole it friday me. >> she did? i thought so. before we go, a special programming note. really, make sure to catch hannity tonight. it will be great. sean will talk to both romney and his running mate, paul ryan, 9:00 p.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel. one more thing, coming up next look, if you have copd like me,
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ask your doctor about spiriva.
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11:56 pm
>> time for one more thing. mr. gutfeld, you had a special presentation. >> watch this. [ laughter ] >> you want to explain that. >> i got a bus, for hi bus tour. it's dana perino size. she can sleep in this. i'm going to be on a bus tour
11:57 pm
from like november 28 'til december 3. >> for real? >> a real bus tour. >> genius. >> going to book stores, florida, georgia, alabama, tennessee and then new york. so check it out at daily >> was that bus made in canada like obama's tour bus? >> probably was. actually it's edible. here. >> check the wheels on that. that's super cool. that's rock of love bus. >> exactly. without the love. >> i don't know what's going to go on. >> let me get this straight, you were -- you're putting dana on top? >> no, he's saying that i'm so small, i could fit in this model size bus. >> i got that part. >> he's trying to insult me. >> i knew she was going to make fun of my height when -- >> so it's a preemptive height joke? >> exactly. >> that's very cute and congratulations on the book and the bus. we all wish we had one. we need a fife bus. special occasion today.
11:58 pm
>> guess what showed up. my wife sent a cake, 15 year anniversary. >> congratulations. >> thank you. my wife, thank you very much. love you, baby. >> happy anniversary! >> if bob were here, would you smash it in his face? he would self smash. >> denny was -- then he would try to hit on your wife. >> exactly. >> would you guys stop picking on my buddy. >> go ahead. everyone thinks he's in hiding. >> yesterday at the washington national game, something unprecedented happened. not just that washington nationals winning and getting the top record in the national league, but teddy roosevelt won the president's race! all the presidents on mount rushmore race. so charles krauthammer and i are in 7th heaven. teddy won! go, teddy. >> it took me all day long to find out what that was about. then when i finally found out, i was like, it's great. >> it's kinds of cute.
11:59 pm
>> they're like little people with big heads. >> like you. >> sporting events, did you hear about this story? 18 varsity cheerleaders in a small southwest texas town. they were banned from writing any religious phrases or verses on the banners that the football team would run through. they now have a facebook page, like 50,000 people supporting them, even though the town is the size of 2,000. atheist group got involved and basically sued and said you can't do this. you can't write religious phrases or verses saying it's something school sponsored, but it's not. it was the individual. >> the atheists are like the nfl replacement refs. oh, shut up. >> they're haters. >> don't be so mean to the refs. >> i'm in a one more thing deficit this week. everything i've come up with is not a good one. you've got a book. but this is cool, which is that fox won the ratings war last night in the cable news race and a total o